Renewable Rubricants
Environmentally friendly.
Totally biodegradable.

About Us

Hydro Safe®, Inc., incorporated in the State of Ohio, is a company dedicated to providing premium bio-based, non-toxic products. These include multiple oil grades to meet customer needs with such items as hydraulic oils in grades ISO VG-32, 46, and 68. The company, working with highly regarded scientists, formulated Hydro Safe® after careful and thorough research of the various applications in the targeted markets. The goal is to provide the best biodegradable, non-toxic products, and to market these products at very competitive prices.

Research showed that vegetable oils, such as canola (rapeseed), soy and other seeds provide the desired performance characteristics of lubricity, biodegradability, low toxicity, and the best oxidative stability. In all formulations Hydro Safe® provides exceptional lubricity for the purpose of extending the life expectancy of hydraulic component parts. There is an inherent advantage of vegetable oil over petroleum oil, with a Viscosity Index (VI Index), that is nearly double that of corresponding petroleum oil. Vegetable oils and specifically canola (rapeseed) oil viscosity is not as effected by oil temperature changes as its petroleum counterpart. This allows a more stable viscosity and subsequently, substantially improved stable equipment operation, less wear, increased energy efficiency and other qualities.

Hydro Safe® has met or exceeded all of the appropriate ASTM tests required for hydraulic fluids. One big advantage of Hydro Safe is its oxidative stability. For example, HS Premium VG-46 tested on the Rotary Bomb Oxidation for 360 minutes. This is some of the best test results in the industry. The longer the time the less the product has a tendency to degrade.

You will note Hydro Safe's compliance relative to applicable EPA requirements, etc., as listed on the Material Safety Data PDFs on this website.

Request GHS-SDS at Hydrosafe@hydrosafe.com.